Flores arte compositi 2

Flores arte compositi 2 is the little sister of Flores arte compositi 1. Like Flores 1, Flores 2 is based on the paintings by the Dutch 17th century painter Jan van Huysum. The red tulip, the beige primroses, the white tuberose are all flowers Jan van Huysum used in his flower still-lives.
Florea arte compositi 2 was exhibited in many art exhibitions, reception halls, museums and show rooms. Because of its modest size, it fits in practically every room. So if you have a party, a special celebration, or if you wish to add some color to your office, Flores 2 will make an impression.


Size300 cm high x 320 cm wide x 500 cm deep
materialsteel, pvs (truck tarp), wool
PhotagrapherRik Klein Gotink