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    "Linda made a bouquet for our museum, and visitors love it"
    Bouquet for museum
  • linda-nieuwstad-bloem-pr-maxima-kinderziekenhuis
    "Everytime we pass the flowers me and my daughter talk about them"
    Princess Maxima center
  • 2-masterly-the-hague-2018
    "The flowers make me so happy"
    Masterly the Hague
  • 2-masterly-weesp
    "Beautiful, this bouquet should stay here forever", visitor Masterly 2017 Milan
    Flowers for Weesp
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    "Linda's designs are spot on; she understands what we want for our festival grounds"
    Mystic Garden Festival
  • 2-forbo-23
    "The flowers of linolium made the Dutch Design Week 2017 to a succes for our company"
    Flowers for Forbo
  • 2-dsc_0005bijgewerkt
    "I want to cover my bedroom walls with these wild roses", visitor Object Rotterdam 2017
    The velvet collection
  • 2-ddw-kassiewijle2015
    "Look I am Alice in Wonderland", visitor Dutch Design Week 2015
    Early spring flower
  • 2-flores-1-achterzijde
    "I can see the flowers are made of plastic, and yet I want to smell them", visitor LUMC
    Flores arte compositi 1
  • dagschone-iknl-linda-nieuwstad-3
    "We did not want real plants or paintings in our office space, Linda designed the perfect solution"
    Morning Glory
  • 2-de-bredenhorst
    "A beautiful piece of art on the right location"
    de Bredenhorst
  • 2-bergkerk-paardebloemen
    "Mommy, why are the flowers so big?
  • 2-cat-pag-07-16q3_0202_170years_fashion_inspiration_021_a3_rgb
    "The flowers looked spectacular on the set", setdresser fotoshoot Vlisco
    Photo shoot for Vlisco
  • 2-papaver-somniferum
    "The flowers fit in so well as if they have always been here", visitor exhibition 's-Graveland
    Papaver Somniferum

About Linda Nieuwstad

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Linda Nieuwstad’s flowers are larger than life. Her forget-me-nots are as large as breakfast plates, her roses measure up to the size of truck tires and you can sit underneath her daffodils. She started to make large sized flowers when she visited an old museum in the Netherlands full of flower paintings from the 17th century. She dreamed of living inside the paintings, and she has been making large sized flowers ever since. Linda Nieuwstad creates a world you can enter. Please come in and have a closer look.

“I started to make large sized flowers after I saw the flower paintings by 17th century painter Jan van Huysum. The flowers by van Huysum were amazingly well painted; the tulips looked fresh and alive, and the flies were impressively detailed. At each painting I had the uncontrollable urge to step inside the canvas and touch the soft hairy tulips stems and smell the roses”.

100% handmade

Although Linda’s flowers are blown up to big proportions, her flowers often look as fragile as real flowers. The leaves of some of her roses are dried out and sometimes you find a whole in a leaf as if a caterpillar has eaten it away. What’s surprising about her flowers is that they look vulnerable, but in fact they are not. The frames of her creations are made of solid steel frames. After she bends the steel by hand in the right shape she welds the separate parts together.¬† Then she cuts leaves and petal leaves out of truck tarp¬† and gives them a final touch with details out of wool, velvet or paper. Her flowers are 100% handmade and that is why her flowers look alive.

Linda's flower studio

If you dream about of having large sized flowers in your home, office, hotel or during your event, there are three ways to make your dreams come through. You can buy flowers from Linda’s flower shop, you can rent flowers or flower arrangements for a short or longer period or Linda Nieuwstad can make a special, one of a kind design for you in her flower studio.

Flower shop

The nice thing about flowers shops is you can chose from a wide selection of flowers and after you made your decision, you can take the bouquet with you. Linda’s flower shop is very similar. Most of the flowers in her shop are in stock, others can be produced in a very short time. Please come into Linda’s shop and have a look around. If you have any questions, she is here to help you.

Flowers to Rent

Many of Linda’s clients loved having her flowers for a temporary project, an exhibition, a party or a special event. So she came up with the idea to rent her creations. On this page you find all the flowers and flower arrangement available for a short or longer period. But feel free to contact Linda if you are looking for something special because her storage holds hidden treasures waiting to be found.

Flowers one of a kind

The first flower bouquet Linda designed was for a Hospital, the Leiden University Medical Center. The day she installed the bouquet the flowers seemed to come alive. The clean design of the Hospital made the flowers look more lush and abundant than they did in her studio. From that very moment Linda knew a custom design could do miracles. Have a look around and be amazed by her creations.

Curious how Linda's flowers look like in your project

Pictures of Linda’s flowers are now available for free. What is special about the pictures is that they are cut out in the shape of the flower. You simply add your own background to see how Linda’s flowers look like in your living room, office, restaurant or project. Free flower pictures to help your imagination!

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“As a child I loved making miniature viewing boxes out of old shoe boxes. I cut small items such as figures and trees out of cardboard and pasted them in the box. On the lid of the shoe box I would make windows with colored transparent paper, and through a tiny whole in front of the box you could peek in my world”.