Flowers to rent

When I started to make large sized flowers, my studio was packed with flowers in no time. In order to solve this problem I rented an old barn close to my studio and used it as storage space. But after a while  the barn was full too, so I came up with the idea to offer my flowers as rental objects. My flowers were part of art exhibitions, business parties, fashion events and  design events ever since. For me it is a real treat to install my flowers in different locations and see the amazed faces of people enjoying my creations. Many of my clients love renting my flowers for a temporary project, an exhibition, a party or a special event. When you rent my flowers you do not have to bother about maintaining or storing the flowers. I install the flowers when ever they are needed, and pick them up some time later. On this page you find all the flowers and flower arrangement available to rent. You can rent flowers for one day, or for several months. Feel free to contact me if you are looking for something special because my storage holds hidden treasures that are waiting to be found.