Press Kit LINDA NIEUWSTAD design week Milan 2019


Blooming like the Golden Age
Huge shiny golden wild roses on the wall and flower still lifes blown up to human proportions, handmade from leather, velvet, wool and metal. The flowers of Linda Nieuwstad seem to have stepped out of a painting from the Golden Age and come to life at Masterly during the Milan Design Week 2019.

Numerous monumental golden wall flowers are show pieces that suit the ornaments with gold luster and wallcovering of velvet and silk in the Palazzo Francesco Turati in Milan. Here Linda Nieuwstad shows her wild roses (also called Egelantiers) together with large golden hand knotted tapestries from Milla Novo and glass objects by Arnout Visser.

The handmade Egelantiers bloom just like the Golden Age in which trade, science and arts flourished. A time in which Rembrandt and Johannes Vermeer depicted life with the brush, as Nieuwstad brings to life her contemporary flower still lifes and wallflowers with a sewing machine, scissors and a welding machine.
The flowers look refined and vivid. They are handcrafted, beautifully finished and made from residual materials: leaves of shiny gold leather, soft wool petals with a velvet border and stamps of gold-painted metal wire. They are all different, just like in nature.

In the Mauritshuis in The Hague, Nieuwstad once saw a rose bouquet from the 17th century painter Jacob van Hulsdonck with a small wilde rose in the upper right corner. ‘It’s different, I love dissonants,’ says the designer. That wild rose was the inspiration for her golden Egelantiers that refer to that time in which artists painted in a looser style, sensory and with more feeling, more like life itself than in the next century.

During Masterly, Nieuwstad brings back the Golden Age by creating a contemporary floral world that the visitor can enter, and in which you can dream away. You can walk under the flowers, touch them and even smell them if necessary.

Linda Nieuwstad makes handmade, monumental flowers and flower still lifes from truck tarpaulin/canvas, felt, leather, recycled woolen blankets, velvet and metal. Clients are private individuals and companies, she makes works for public spaces, museums, hotels, restaurants and events. Piet Hein Eek asked her to make flowers for his vases, and for the Italian architect and designer Paola Navone she made flowers for a store in Hong Kong. Recently Nieuwstad made huge lilies for the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), for the balconies at Masterly The Hague, and for the exhibition Homo Faber in Venice. She also leases her flower arrangements for photo shoots.

Linda Nieuwstad together with Milla Novo and Arnout Visser, during the Milan Design Week at Masterly, Palazzo Francesco Turati, Via Meravigli 7, Milano. From April 9-14, 2019.

For more information and/or images, please contact Linda Nieuwstad:
0031 6 33642718

(text: Viveka van de Vliet, photography: Maria Stijger, styling: Ad van Rijn)