If you dream of having large sized flowers in your home, office, hotel or during your event, there are three ways to make your dreams come through. First, in this flowershop you can buy a multiple. These are flowers LINDA NIEUWSTAD produces in her studio in large numbers. Secondly, LINDA NIEUWSTAD  can make a special custom, one of a kind design for you. And third, you can rent a few large flower arrangements. 


Wild roses wallflowers

Price per set of 6 wild roses € 2.950,- VAT (9%) not included, available in any coulour and material you like.

One set of 6 roses consists of 4 parts:
one rose, two roses, three roses and leaves

Acoustic baffle frogbit

Price leaves:
60 cm € 460,- VAT (9%) not included
80 cm € 500,- VAT (9%) not included
100 cm € 550,- VAT (9%) not included
Price flowers
45 cm € 400,- VAT (9%) not included


2 flowers, 1 bud   € 1.400,- VAT (9%) not included
3 flowers,             € 1.500,- VAT (9%) not included
additional flowers +€ 290,-  VAT (9%) not included
outdoor +10%, available in any colour you like

125 cm heigh, 90 cm wide, 90 cm deep

steel, flame retardant pvs and wool


€ 4.500,- VAT (9%) not included. Any colour you like, this is included in the price.

275 cm heigh, 150 cm wide, 150 cm deep

Steel, flame retardant pvs and wool