Bloom in Paleis Het Loo

For centuries, flowers have brought colour, fragrance and context to Paleis Het Loo. Bloom is about 17th-century still lifes and Princess Mary’s influence on the use of flowers. Contemporary artists, designers and the palace’s team of gardeners bring this history to life. Though they admire the historical artworks, they also have critical questions. How did these flowers come to be here? Who paid the price for all this wealth and beauty? And what is the future of flowers? There’s a story behind every flower and every work of art.

Flowers ♡ Paleis Het Loo

The rooms of the palace are still supplied with fresh bouquets weekly, assembled by its own craftsmen, partly with flowers from the Paleis Het Loo nursery garden. Paleis Het Loo is the only museum in the Netherlands with a professional flower room. Like the museum, the flower room celebrates its fortieth anniversary this year.

The exhibition Bloom opens on the 20th of April and will be open until September 2024, Paleis Het Loo in Apeldoorn.





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