frogbit acoustic

The nice thing about making custom designs is that every new design sets a challenge. John van Hooft of Bakker Elkhuizen had an acoustic problem in his office and asked me to design an acoustic solution. I know my flowers and plants have a positive effect on the acoustics in any space, but this time the design would have to optimal for sound absorption.  After some research I designed acoustic baffles; panels that can be hung in an open space. And off course I added a green touch to them; the baffles represent Frogbit, a common dutch waterplant (in dutch: kikkerbeet). The design is als green in terms of the used materials; the forgbit is made of recycled clothes from army uniforms and care uniforms produced by I-did. And the acoustic filling is made of recycled jeans. Now for sale in the shop.

Sizeleaves: 60 cm, 80 cm and 100 cm, flower: 45 cm
MaterialSteel, recycled clothes and FSC wood
Photographer 1Etienne Oldeman
Commissioned byBakker Elkhuizen

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