Commissioned by the province of Overijssel, flower arrangement the Bredenhost is based on the colors of 7 historical estates in the vicinity of rural Heino. Each estate used to mark its ownership by painting the shutters of their properties in distinctive colors. In this flower arrangement you can find all the colors of the historical estates in the region of Heino. The flower arrangement is positioned on the ruins of an estate called Bredenhorst. It was very special I could chose the locations of this work myself. I love the cows grazing around the flowers daily, they add a historical atmosphere to the scene. And what’s good to know: the cows are happy with the flowers too, they find shelter in the shade of it or use the pole to rub their skin.
Flower arrangement the Bredenhorst remains at the Molenweg 10 in Heino for 10 years.

Size600 X 250 X 250 cm
MaterialSteel and pvs
Photographer 1Michael Rhebergen
Photographer 2Vincent Nijhof
Commissioned by Province of Overijssel
LocationMolenweg 10 Heino

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