Pink flowers on a pole

The pink flowers on a pole are suitable for outdoor. The bouquet consist of a honeysuckle, a tulip, primroses, a lily, hollyhock, and a passiflora.
This bouquet is made of galvanized steel, powder coated steel and pvs or truck tarp. The truck tarp can last outside for 10 years. The leaves of the flowers can easily be removed and replaced by any color.

Project information

Dimensions: 200 cm wide x 120 cm deep x 400 cm high

Materialen: Steel and flame retardant pvs

Jaar: 2022

Size450 x 400 x 600 cm
MaterialSteel, pvs, wood, foam rubber and wool
Photographer 1Gert Jan van Rooij
Photographer 2Rik Klein Gotink
Commissioned byLUMC Leiden university medical center
TypeOne of a kind

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