railroad flowers and bees

All Mirjam Schokker, manager of Utrecht central station, wanted was to make the station a greener place. She commissioned me to make GIANT flowers; a red poppy, light blue bell flowers, white daisies and blue cornflowers. And for the first time we have made GIANT insects;  honeybees entirely made of recycled materials. The wings are made of construction tarp, eyes made of used ear protection, head made of a conductress hat and rear end made of stripes from safety jackets from ProRail.
The GIANT flowers and honeybees will stay for some time at Utrecht Central station between track 19 and 20 in the main hall. 

Year2020 / 2021
MaterialSteel, pvs, left over material Dutch railways and ProRail
TypeOne of a kind
Commissioned byOndernemersfonds Utrecht, NS and ProRail
PhotographyEtienne Oldeman

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