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Garbage simply does not exist to me. Out of old work clothing and other old materials, I make colourful and wondrous flower sculptures for organizations as the Dutch railways and national airline KLM. To present my work, I will be present at the Workspace Design Show at the RAI in Amsterdam on the 11th and 12th of October. During the show, creative businesses, architects, designers and end users come together to meet and find new inspirations.

From far away, you can see the herb foxglove towering over the visitors, while approaching the stand. It’s the first time I’ve created this iconic flower. Visitors will immediately notice the flowers made of green, plastic banners with commercial advertising, which you can find at tennis courts. What other consider to be trash, is now transformed into colourful daisies, violets and primula. As soon as new sponsordeals are made, these types of ads are simply disposed of, but you can still use the materials to create brand new artworks. The new flowers are perfect decorations for offices, hospitals, hotels and public spaces and really bring a lot of added value and a huge pop of colour with them.

Building helmets as the heart of the flower

At the fair, you can also find the sculptures I’ve produced for the Dutch national railways (NS), particularly for the Utrecht Centraal station. Think of poppy’s made of chair fabric, daisies made out of safety helmets and cornflowers in the typical Dutch colour of the NS brand. With these ‘Spoorbloemen’ (Rail flowers) the NS wants to spread awareness of the fact that durability and sustainability is top of their list of priorities. They also want to spread awareness to the fact that these amazing and unique flowers can be found all around the railroad tracks.

Also on view is the work that we created for Holland Casino. On the beautiful leaves you can still see the buttons and lapels of their old staff clothing. 

I hope to meet you all at the Workspace Design Show. Find me at stand A30! You can book a free ticket through the following link. 



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